Great Trail Race Schedule


Schedule info coming soon!

How to Plan

The Great Trail Race features a point to point course. The start is TBA. The finish is at the Highlands Community Center also known as Tahoe Cross Country in Tahoe City. Shuttles are provided to transport you from the FINISH to the START. Parking is at the finish. Shuttles do not transport bikes.


Plan to drop your bike at the starting area. We provide a bike valet. Then drive to the finish and take the shuttle to the start.


Park at the finish and take the shuttle to the start.

Extra Clothing:

If you want to peel a layer prior to starting bags will be provided for you and they will be transported to the finish.

Your Own Transportation:

We also encourage you to coordinate your own transportation. Have a friend/family member drop you at the Start and then meet you at the Finish!

Finish Area:

Included in your entry is a BBQ and cold beverages. Invite your friends and family to this festive post race event!